The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia (OZS), Republic of Slovenia

The Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship of Slovenia (OZS) is an umbrella organization consisting of a system of micro, small and medium enterprises, together with 62 regional chambers of crafts. OZS represents the interests of members before the Government and cooperates with ministries and the National Assembly in shaping economic policy and creating the best possible legislation governing crafts, micro, small and medium enterprises. It informs its members through the magazine Obrtnik, connects through sections, advises through counseling, educates and exercises public authority in the field of vocational education and training. As a social partner and as one of the representative organizations of employers, the Chamber supervises places for the practical part of initial vocational education and training and training provided by employers who support and monitor the process of the practical part of vocational education and training, in cooperation with schools, organizes control and final exam education and training. The Chamber, as a social partner, also proposes occupational standards as a basis for vocational education and training programs in accordance with the National Law on Vocational Qualifications and the Law on Vocational Training and Education.