About the project

Master craftsman occupations are considered prestigious and have recognition in the European Union as well as in project countries: Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. Master craftsman exams are the way to advance in one’s occupation, open one’s own craft, and take apprentices for apprenticeship. Moreover, achieving master craftsman title represents the competitive advantage, because it emphasizes the excellence and quality of products and services.

Croatia and Slovenia possess a long-lasting experience in conducting master craftsman exams, while North Macedonia and Montenegro just started moving in that direction. In all project countries, the master craftsman exam is structured in a similar way, consisting of four parts: practical part, occupational-theoretical part, part related to economy and entrepreneurship, and pedagogical part. Taking in account given similarities, project partners will work together on improving the quality of master craftsman exams in project countries.

Erasmus+ Master 4.0 project will introduce a completely new approach to the preparation and conduction of master craftsman exam. The aim of project is to improve the preparation and conduction of master craftsman exam by updating exam questions and programmes, and by introducing the online platform for the preparation and conduction of master craftsman exams.

The project coordinator is the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HOK), which implements the project activities together with partners from Croatia (Algebra University College), Slovenia (The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia), North Macedonia (The Craft Chamber Skopje, and Association “Sreken život”), and Montenegro (Craft and Businesses Chamber of Montenegro). Project duration is 28 months, starting from 1 September 2019. The overall amount of approved financial support is 215.870,00 EUR.