Craft-Businesses Chamber of Montenegro (ZanaPredaK), Republic Montenegro

The mission of the umbrella organization of 18 craft associations in Montenegro is to represent the economic, political, professional and economic interests of independent craftsmen and craft companies. This especially refers to the strengthening of the image of the craft, the improvement of the economic and social position of the entrepreneurial middle class and the social partnership in vocational education and training. ZanaPredaK’s vision is to develop the competitiveness of crafts, stand in front of and behind the economy, speak with one voice in front of politics, economy and society and be a competent interlocutor to institutions for all issues and measures of importance for crafts. It was founded in 2007 with the project support of the Koblenz Chamber of Crafts (Germany). It provides services to members on the principle of self-help, advocates dual education and qualifies masters. It is funded by voluntary membership fees, services and projects.