Master’s Academy of Montenegro Founded


Podgorica, 15.06.2022. The NGO Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship of Montenegro organized the second national conference where the results of the Erasmus+ project “Master 4.0 – Improvement of master craftsman exams” were promoted.

At the same time, the 15th anniversary of the establishment of this umbrella organization of crafts in Montenegro was marked. On that occasion, the Master’s Academy of Montenegro was established and a panel discussion was held on the topic: “Craftsmanship requires new legal frameworks, a uniquely organized system of professional training and conjunctural programs for generating demand”.

The Master’s Academy of Montenegro is the result and the crown of this multilateral project and enables everyone who, according to the law on crafts, must pass a master craftsman exam or who wants to have the highest proof of competence according to the highest European standards, to prepare and pass master craftsman exams in Montenegro for 154 trades with of this list:

The Master’s Academy of Montenegro allows for now the preparation and passing of 2 general theoretical parts of the master craftsman exam. These are: Economy, law and taxes (Part III) and Professional and work pedagogy (Part IV). In addition, it is possible to prepare for and pass the professional-theory (Part II) of master craftsman exam for photographers and haute couture tailors.

The practical (Part I) of the master craftsman exam will be taken for the time being in the appropriate craft companies until the physical and technical conditions from the partnership with the Government, European projects, cooperation agreements with public and private educational institutions and the public-private partnership on the construction of workshops for training are being met.

Preparations for the theoretical parts of the master craftsman exam are done with the help of E-learning and E-campus, and the exam is taken through the jointly developed online platform “Master 4.0”, which is also used by the partner chambers of Slovenia, Croatia and North Macedonia from the Erasmus+ project of the same name.

Preparation for passing the general parts of the master craftsman exam, as well as the professional-theoretical part of the master craftsman exam for photographers and haute couture tailors, can be started here: (select the ZanaPredaK company).