Activities in the field of updating examination questions for each master craftsman occupation and online platform in Slovenia


As part of the MASTER 4.0 project, the Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship has updated the questions for the general part of the exam (management-economic and pedagogical-andragogic part of the exam) and selected professional-theoretical parts of the exam for electrical installation master, master mason and master carpenter. When updating the exam questions, we started from the valid Exam Catalog and took into account the exam objectives, the methodological framework with guidelines for the preparation of exam questions was also taken into account. On the basis of the above, activities related to the updating of questions for the master craftsman exam took place, which included the cooperation of experts for the preparation of questions in the field of management-economic work and pedagogical-andragogical work, the holding of meetings and agreements on the adaptation of questions to the online platform.

With the aim of upgrading the performance of the master craftsman exam, an online platform has been created as part of the project, which will include:

In addition to usability, the platform will significantly contribute to the promotion of master craftsman degrees in each country.

The platform was created for the needs of the project by the company Algebra from the Republic of Croatia. In the coming months, the task of the project partners will be piloting or conducting master craftsman exams via the platform, which will allow future masters to familiarize themselves with the online platform and also test the possibility of taking part of the master craftsman exam. Based on the conducted piloting, we will thus obtain all the necessary information that will help us to upgrade the platform and bring it even closer to users. The introduction of the online platform is a step towards an innovative approach to digital technologies, on the basis of which the quality of the preparation and execution of the master’s exam will be improved.