Erasmus+ Master 4.0 project: 4th Transnational Partners Meeting Held in Montenegro


From 19 to 21 January 2022, the 4th Transnational Meeting of Partners was held in Ulcinj, Montenegro. The first day of the meeting was dedicated to the work related to the development of new exam questions and programs for master’s exams, results and exchange of experiences of partners in the process of creating questions and programs. The topic of the second day was the development of an online platform for the preparation and taking of master’s exams, especially the problems that the partners encountered when entering questions and the ways in which they solved the same problems. The partners also shared with each other the experience from the first pilots and the plans for piloting the platform until the end of the project. The third day was dedicated to the topics of project management, dissemination with special emphasis on the organization of events with a multiplier effect and agreement on the next activities as the project approaches its completion.

All partners successfully completed the activities of drafting exam questions and programs, so the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts prepared exam questions for the professional-theoretical part of the master’s exam for electricians, hairdresser, car repairman, electrician and car mechanic and questions for general master exams – economics and law . An examination catalog containing areas and learning outcomes has been prepared for each of these parts. Furthermore, the Chamber of Crafts of Slovenia prepared questions from the professional theory for carpenters, electricians and masons, as well as questions for the general parts of the master’s exams – economics and legal regulations. The Skopje Chamber of Trades and Crafts prepared questions for the professional-theoretical part of the master’s exam for beauticians, and questions for the general parts of the master’s exams – economics and legal regulations. In partnership with the Happy Life association, new master’s exam programs for the professions of car mechanic and baker have been developed. Partners from Montenegro developed exam questions for professional theory for photographers and tailors of high fashion, questions for general parts of the exam and the master’s exam program for photographers. The conclusion of the meeting was that all partners are satisfied with the developed issues and programs and that the quality of master’s exams in partner countries will be significantly improved.

Furthermore, the partners discussed in detail the development of the online platform and its application in real exams, and special emphasis was placed on defining the timing of piloting the online platform for the implementation of master exams. It was concluded that the partners are extremely satisfied with the developed online platform which proves to be an innovative solution that will improve the quality of master’s exams and which in an attractive and practical way promotes the need for lifelong learning and digital skills development. On the last day of the meeting, it was agreed that after piloting the implementation of master’s exams on the online platform, national events with multiplier effect will be organized, and in June 2022 the final partnership meeting will be held in Zagreb. Within the same term, an international event with a multiplier effect will be held, at which all the achieved results of the project will be presented.