A webinar on the methodology of making exam questions organized


In order to ensure the harmonization of master’s exam questions for all professions in the project countries, a methodological framework with guidelines for the development of master’s exam questions will be developed as part of the project.

The first step on this path was to organize a webinar on the methodology of making exam questions. The webinar was held by Mr. Zoran Jančić from the University of Algebra. The webinar covered the following topics: introduction to knowledge assessment, types of knowledge assessment knowledge assessment for learning purposes, cognitive levels, Bloom’s taxonomy, the difference between understanding and knowledge, “Understanding by Design” and “Backward Design” – the reverse approach to educational development processes, educational outcomes, assessments of the difficulty of exam questions and categorization, principles of designing exam questions, types of exam questions and reviews, proofreading and proofreading.

Based on the information from the webinar, a methodological framework will be developed and work on improving exam questions for master’s exams will start in partner countries.