The first meeting of project partners held in Ljubljana


The Erasmus+ project Master 4.0: Improving master exams started with the first transnational project meeting held on October 10 and 11, 2019 in Ljubljana. The meeting was attended by representatives of all six partner organizations: the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, the University of Algebra, the Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship of Slovenia, the Chamber of Crafts Skopje, the Happy Life Association and the Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship of Montenegro.

The meeting enabled the gathering of all partners involved in the project to get to know each other and ensure quality communication, present the project in detail, agree on procedures for effective project implementation, determine project objectives and agree on activities and tasks to be performed.

The first meeting was designed in a structured way and consisted of presenting partner organizations, presenting the project, presenting each intellectual result separately, presenting project management, presenting events with multiplier effect and establishing a Project Steering Committee.

All intellectual results were presented with the aim of planning and defining different tasks that will enable the Master 4.0 project to achieve its goals, outcomes and deadlines. Also, discussions were held regarding the organization of tasks and responsibilities of the participants.

It has been agreed that the partners will communicate regularly by email and hold Skype meetings as agreed.